Consorzio 3i
Consorzio 3i  

With the brand 3i, three important companies, CIESSE, OMER, CARABELLI, operating in the field of means of collective transport, have joined, with the constitution of a stable consortium, own experiences and technologies with the scope to propose to the railway field and own customers a complete service being comprised the planning, production, supply and installation of a wide range of products, from the accessory to the complete system of furnishings of the vehicle.


3i was born in 2007 but its history is more than thirty years old. It is the history of companies that have joined in order to face the renovated requirements of the railway market, answering to Italian and foreign customers demand that more and more require system integrators able to propose a complete package, from engineering to fitting on site. This has been possible thanks to the friendships and mutual esteem between the entrepreneurs; esteem that has been created “on the field” with the combined development of several plans, cooperation and synergies that in the years have streingthen the companies’s relationships.

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CARABELLI s.r.l presents in the market for 80 years, is characterized by a notable product diversification from textiles articles to light carpentry of aluminum alloy and steel. Current fields of activity can be grouped into following macro-sectors: 1- railway carriage furnishings; 2- personal protective equipment of 3° category; 3- Equipment for construction and stringing electric lines.
Regarding the railway field, CARABELLI is a twenty years Trenitalia supplier and of most important constructors and railway carriage maintenance suppliers...

CIESSE S.p.A was founded in 1970 as an engineering company and has been operating in the railcar manufacturing field for more than 25 years. The strategy of a focused approach on high quality products, along with unceasing methodical reserch of new solutions have been the catalyst for the continuous growth of CIESSE. Aluminium alloy manufacturing being the original core of their production, CIESSE has subsequently widened their scope to railway wagon interiors, which in turn brought them to be, in recent years, one of the leaders in their market...

O.ME.R. operates in the market of components and interior designing for general means of transport. The production is carried out in two sites located in the industrial area of Carini. The company’s premises extended over 20.000 sq.m. With a covered area of sq.m 5.000. Dating back 1990 when O.ME.R was established , the company’s production specialized towards the rolling stock field. Nowadays O.ME.R is included in the supplieers panel of the most important domestic and international rolling stock manufacturers...
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