Consorzio 3i

Engineering, supply and installation of interiors for restyling/revamping and new projects;
Interior Components and accessories in steel and light alloy.
Textile components, decorations, composites, electrical, electromechanical, electronic components; Complete onboard systems: doors, lighting systems;

The production and finishing of light alloy aluminum and steel is based on modern machineries and systems: thanks to a wide availability of moulds, equipments, dies for extrusion thus like systems for textile finishing, 3i can offer to its customer several interior furnishing solutions for new and restyled railcars.

The stable consortium form, joined to thirty years experienced companies, grants a considerable fl exibility in terms of productive capabilities, order management and supply of spare parts for old railcars.

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The Consorzio 3i and its established companies offer their individual and combined strengths:

A group of entrepreneurs and shareholders of proved experience , with the task to propose logical of modern management in the railway field;

The force and financial stability of the group, to guarantee the good execution of projects also of relevant dimensions and values; The presence of 8 productive sites, uniformly dislocated in Italy, with more than 280 direct employees and a technical area of 15 engineers;

Productive and operative exchange of the companies: every component can be realized from the three societies, to guarantee the monthly production rates;

Knowledge of technologies applied to light alloy, so important in modern trains because base for the creation of a railcar suitable to new requirements , products manufactured according with Fire and smoke norms, low environmental impact with an extended material recycling;

Advanced engineering competences: all the companies are equipped of modern and compatible 2D and 3D software systems; Inside stable Consorzio 3 , just one project manager will be the interface with the customer and will manage the inner job of the group clearly resolving technical problems in order to carry out the complete activity;

The consortium has a wide range of machineries and systems, among them, numerical control machines, bending machines, presses, TIG and MIG welding with robot machines, milling and structural welding between sheets, laser cutting machines and painting shops;

In its operating units, 3i has laboratories that permit to carry out several tests and controls like examination of constructive correspondence and absence of defects, measures and linear and geometrical controls, mechanical test of static and dynamic resistance, endurance tests, exams with penetrating liquids and magnetic particles;

The companies belonging to 3i operate with a system for the management of quality certified according with ISO 9001:2008.
The materials are in compliance with Fire and Smoke norms, UNI CEI 11 170 and NF F 16 101.

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